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Think Tank Trip

Thinktank Science Museum

Year 2 had a fantastic day out at the Thinktank Science Museum. We spent the day finding out lots about space, planets, animals and the human body. It was very fun!

Destination Space

We had a special video from Tim Peake and we found out about all the jobs we can do in space. We even found out which material would be best to make a spacesuit!


We had lots of fun sitting on some comfy chairs in the dark and looking up at the dome above us. We found out lots of interesting facts about the planets. We even learnt how to find the North star!

Science Garden

We spent some time outside in the science garden and we were able to have a go at making things work. It was so much fun!

Exploring Level 2 (Our World) and Level 3 (Futures)

We enjoyed looking around the two levels in the museum. Level 2 was all about our world. There was lots of animals, skeletons and activities about the human body. Level 3 was all about the future and we learnt about how robots work. How amazing!