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School Uniform


We strongly believe that wearing school uniform is integral to

reinforcing our whole school community. We wear our uniform with pride. 

  • Sensible and comfortable, plain black and flat, selected so that your child can independently take shoes off or put them on easily;
  • Emerald green top (jumper/cardigan/sweatshirt) - logo or plain;
  • Grey skirt or trousers - any outlet as available;
  • White blouse or shirt - any outlet as available; 
  • Black, white or grey socks/tights/headscarves - any outlet as available;
  • School tie - optional;


In the warmer months, a uniform version of shorts and dresses may be interspresed with core uniform.


We work hard to ensure that our uniform is comfortable, sensible, cost effective and versatile.


Please support our aims by ensuring your child wears uniform. If your child is not able to wear school uniform, for any reason, please contact us to advise why this may be.


Our expectation is that all pupils wear uniform as part of the school community. School staff will remind children to wear full uniform. Uniform is available from Clive Mark School Wear and Crested School Wear, situated in Walsall town centre and Marks and Spencer’s online



Children should attend school, on their designated PE day, wearing grey or black jogging suit and suitable footwear. Our PE Kit is designed for ease of movement and for comfort - the recomended kit is high quality and durable, however, any plain grey/black joggers and hoodie are acceptable. Please ensure that your child can move freely in their kit and put trainers and pumps on independently.

Our summer PE kit comprises of a yellow t-shirt and emerald green shorts.