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Ofsted: Park Hall Infant School is an 'Outstanding' School!


Ofsted inspectors heaped praise on Park Hall Infant School as being “an outstanding school where pupils achieve extremely well in their academic learning and take great strides in their personal development.” In all five areas of the inspection which included leadership, teaching and the curriculum, the school received a grade one – exceptionally and consistently high.


Brett Westwood, headteacher said: “We are delighted with the outcome of our Ofsted Inspection and are proud to be an “outstanding school.” We are particularly pleased that everyone involved with Park Hall Infant School is recognised and given such high praise throughout the final report.”

Inspectors praised the overall effectiveness of the school and noted that “Consistent quality both across the school and over time reflects the very determined and highly effective leadership and management provided by the headteacher and her senior colleagues.”


They highlighted that consistency was an impressive feature of pupils’ outstanding achievement. In 2007, the reading and writing results were both exceptionally high. Both at the Foundation Stage and in Years 1 and 2, pupils of all abilities, needs and backgrounds make exceptional progress. This is a tribute to the school’s total commitment to equal opportunities.


The inspectors stated “The reason for pupils’ excellent academic achievement is their equally successful personal development. Very good behaviour and very positive attitudes provide an ideal basis for learning. This is the result of teachers’ skilful encouragement of self-discipline and their provision of stimulating lessons.”


Pupils informed inspectors that they greatly enjoy school; the only complaint from one pupil was he “would like to do more colouring!” The confident, independent and responsible way pupils join in and contribute to school life far exceeds the normal expectation for their age.


Outstanding leadership and management are key factors in the school’s success. The headteacher and her team were praised with inspectors noting that “Clear-sighted and committed leadership by the headteacher is accompanied by very strong support from senior colleagues, a hardworking staff and watchful governing body.”


Please click below to view Park Hall's full Ofsted Report (Date of Inspection: February 25th 2008)