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Progression in PSHE Skills

Mental Health & Wellbeing


At Park Hall Infant Academy, we are committed to supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of our pupils and staff. We know that everyone experiences life challenges that can make us vulnerable and at times, anyone may need additional emotional support. We take the view that positive mental health is everybody’s business and that we all have a role to play.  


At our school we:


  • help children to understand their emotions and feelings better                           
  • help children feel comfortable sharing any concerns or worries
  • help children socially to form and maintain relationships
  • promote self esteem and ensure children know that they count
  • encourage children to be confident and ‘dare to be different’
  • help children to develop emotional resilience and to manage setbacks


We offer different levels of support:

Universal Support- To meet the needs of all our pupils through our overall ethos and our wider curriculum. For instance developing resilience for all.

Additional support- For those who may have short-term needs and those who may have been made vulnerable by life experiences such as bereavement.  

Targeted support- For pupils who need more differentiated support and resources or specific targeted interventions.


Lead staff members:


Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Lead:  Mrs Hand

PSHE / Sanctuary Club Leader:  Mrs Rooker




Children’s Mental Health Week 2022

7-13 February 2022


What is the theme for Children's Mental Health Week 2022?


Each year there is a different theme for Children's Mental Health Week. This year, the theme for Children's Mental Health Week 2022 is 'Growing Together'.

We can ask children how they feel they've grown so far and how else they'd like to grow in the future. This is an opportunity for children to reflect on their growth and be proud of themselves for it. It's also great for us to praise children on how they've grown too!


Set some time aside for children to think about what skills they'd develop, what personal qualities they'd like to cultivate and what goals they'd like to achieve in the coming year. This will help them become even more inspired and motivated to grow!


We can also focus on ways that we can all grow together, through taking time to reflect on how we can all support others with their growth. Children can think of ideas and ways to encourage their friends and family to grow along with them, and how they can all support each other with their goals.

Around five children in every classroom  have a mental health problem and many more struggle with challenges from bullying to bereavement.


Whether you’re someone who works with children, a parent or carer, passionate about spreading the word, or keen to raise vital funds for Place2Be, you can get involved and help us reach as many people as possible.




We were proud to support Anti-Bullying Week alongside the Anti Bullying Alliance. This year, more than ever, we’ve witnessed the positive power that society can have when we come together to tackle a common challenge. "We all have a part to play in coming together to make a difference against bullying. We are all a piece in the puzzle, and together, we're united against bullying!" (Anti-Bullying Alliance). 


World Mental Health Day  – HELLO YELLOW!

We said ‘Hello Yellow’ to show the children that they’re not alone in their mental health. Wearing yellow is a way of showing solidarity with young people and helping them know that they’re not alone. This matters because too many young people still feel ashamed to open up about how they’re feeling. The more people who show they care, the more comfortable young people will feel about talking to someone if they’re struggling.


At Park Hall Infant Academy we were proud to dress like a sunshine from head to toe to support Young Minds!



Parents and Carers


Are you a parent or carer who is concerned about the mental health of your 

child or teenager? Do you just want some hints and tips on parenting? MindEd for Families has advice and information from trusted experts and will help you 

to understand what problems occur, what you can do to best support your 

family, and how to take care of yourself. MindEd for Families is written by a 

team of specialists and parents, working together.


For Professionals and Volunteers


This is for you if you volunteer, work or are studying to work with infants, children or teenagers. MindEd has e-learning applicable across the health, social care, 

education, criminal justice and community settings. It is aimed at anyone from 

beginner through to specialist.


MindEd is created by the following organisations and is funded by the Department of Health and Department for Education.