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Term and Holiday Dates


School Year 2018/2019

Term and Holiday Dates


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Autumn Term 2018      Mon 3 Sept            Fri 26 Oct

                           Mon 5 Nov             Fri 21 Dec


Spring Term 2019       Mon 7 Jan             Fri 15 Feb

                           Mon 25 Feb           Fri 12 April


Summer Term 2019*    Mon 29 April           Fri 24 May

                           Mon 3 June            Mon 22 July   

*Excluding May Day ~ 6 May 2019

Professional Development (PD) Days

The FIVE additional PD days for teachers, when all teachers shall be available for work, are to be chosen at the discretion of the school (which will be occasional holidays for pupils). There are no occasional holidays for staff.


Inset days

Mon 3rd September 2018

Tues 4th September 2018

Fri 23rd November 2018

Fri 21st June 2019

Mon 22nd July 2019