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Snow Day

Hello Year 1, we hope you are all warm and safe at home. We have put together a few activities for you to have a go at today once you have finished building your snowmen and enjoying your sledge rides. Have a go when you can and we look forward to welcoming you all back to school again next week. smiley


Dinosaurs And All That Rubbish by Michael Foreman



As part of our literacy lessons we have been reading our new story 'Dinosaurs and all that rubbish' by Michael Foreman. The children have completed a number of activities for our story already and have begun to explore that the dinosaurs may have had a good idea. We would like them to create a poster with some simple sentences and pictures to tell people how we can take of our planet. Try to use some -ing words if you can. 


For example: 


Do not drop litter!

Dropping litter is bad. It is making the world dirty and messy. If you drop rubbish, our world will not be a pretty place.




As part of our maths lessons the children have been exploring the rules of number, alongside topics in shape, space and measure. As part of their continued development we have suggested a number of activities below that will support them in practising their maths skills. Please encourage your children to attempt the activities they believe they find most challenging first. 

2 Times Table Song (Cover of Can't Stop The Feeling! By Justin Timberlake)

5 Times Tables | Learn Multiplication

Twinkl Ten Times Table Song - For Kids!


In our geography lessons so far we have looked at bird's eye views and maps of our local area 'Park Hall'. We have also learned about what town we belong to at Park Hall Infant Academy and it we know we are part of Walsall. Next we will begin to look at the features of our local area. These can be split into human and physical features. Watch the video below to learn about what they are and whilst you're out having a walk today or over the weekend see what human and physical features you can spot. Have fun smiley

Physical and Human Geographical Features of an English Rural Locality

This video supports the Key Stage 1 geography curriculum as it includes a tour of an English rural locality, looking at the human features of the environment (man-made features such as the road, church and houses), alongside the physical features such as trees and a stream.