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The Fostering, Looked-After & Adoption Supporting Hub (FLASH), is a therapeutic service that offers a range of interventions which provide support to children and young people, foster carers, residential children’s homes, Transitional Care leavers, adopters, and Adoption/Fostering teams.


The service is for those children and young people up to the age of 18 years of age, and their work focuses on helping the adults who are responsible for directly providing care, those adults who are involved in supporting the child/young person (Social Workers/Teachers etc), and the children/young people themselves, with direct emotional/mental health support. They offer a range of therapies in which to do this.


The work is done via professional consultations to those in the network around the children, where they will have a chat about how they can support everyone; direct work with children and young people to help them manage some very difficult experiences that have occurred in their lives, and they also work directly with adopters/foster carers to think about the early trauma for children, to develop an understanding of the behaviours children may present in their homes.


They offer this support to children who are under the responsibility of Walsall Children’s Social Care only, and up to a 20 mile radius from Walsall wherever those children reside.


They are a small team of dedicated and committed professionals, who listen and think thoughtfully about what children and families need in order to reach their full potential.