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Phonics Videos

Please use these videos to support your child in their acquisition of the early reading skills.

Session 1 goes through the set 1 sounds. Please ensure that you do not try to rush your child through the sounds, children need to recognise and say the sounds at speed which then aids them in blending sounds to read words.

Session 2 looks at early reading tasks that your child will progress to as they begin to develop simple blending skills. We introduce 'WordTime' sheets, 'Ditties' and then the phonics books.

Session 3 introduces the set 2 sounds. Children will only move onto the set 2 sounds when they have mastered all set 1 sounds and are blending set 1 sounds in words and reading simple sentences.


Children will also be given a word box/wallet which will contain common 'Red' words for children to learn. These 'Red' words are not decodable and children have to learn them by sight- 'Red no Fred you just have to learn them'.


Most importantly please remember that all children learn at different rates and all children have very different starting points so please do not worry if your child is not at the same point in their learning as their friends.