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Parent Partnership

Leading Parent Partnership at Park Hall Infant Academy

We welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with new parents. The following sites give information that may help you:

We are working hard with our Parents in order to achieve the Leading Parent Partnership Award. We value all of the support that our parents give and look foward to working with all parents that are new to our school. Some of our initiatives have covered:

  • Work shops and Curriculum evenings that show resources for parents to use at home
  • Parent Association social events
  • Individual support for Parents of children with Special Educational Needs
  • Consultation evenings and an open door policy so that Staff are available to discuss individual concerns as they arise

At present, we are working with the Black Country Creative Partnership as an Enquiry school to provide creative opportunities for our families that will support children's learning. Parents have contributed to the devlopment of this project and we thank them for their support.

ICAN and Dyslexia Friendly School Awards

Park Hall Infant Academy has achieved both the ICAN Primary Talk Accreditation and also the Dyslexia Friendly School Award.

Dyslexia Friendly School Award

This award aims to ensure that the school provides a 'friendly' environment for children who have dyslexic tendencies and who struggle with reading, writing and/or spelling. The initial audit of provision showed that we already employ the strategies needed to support all children in their development of Literacy skills and that many of these strategies are particularly appropriate in supporting children with additional needs.

The staff have received training in the use of teaching techniques and resources that support Dyslexic children. We have gained the Dyslexia Standard and we are officially a 'Dyslexia Friendly School!'

ICAN Primary Talk Pilot Project

We have taken part in a pilot project which aims to provide an award for schools that provide a suitable environment for children who have speech, language and communication difficulties. All children will benefit from this approach.

Again, our initial audit showed that we meet many of the standards for the award. We have achieved this award at the Supportive Level.

ICAN is a communication charity and the project that we are involved in is called Primary Talk. There is also a section on the ICAN website called Early Years Talk.

Primary Talk is a project aimed at helping schools to provide a supportive environment for children with Speech, Language or Communication Needs (SLCN). It provides staff development and is designed to give staff further professional training to enable them to meet the communication needs of all children. It also accredits schools for developing communication rich environments in order to support all children, including those with speech, language and communication needs.

Primary talk training offers systematic and sustainable training which fits in with the new Speech, Language and Communication Framework.

Primary Talk develops and accredits schools at one of three levels:

  1. Supportive: supporting all children's communication development and identifying those with difficulties;
  2. Enhanced: supporting children with delayed communication development and those with mild to moderate difficulties;
  3. Specialist: supporting children with severe and complex speech, language and communication needs

Park Hall Infant Academy Staff have received training and have received accreditation at Level One this year.

You can access the Primary Talk website at: